“LETS provides the best business solutions for clients so that they can grow their business.”

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LETS provides business solutions for clients so they can grow their businesses. When companies use LETS solutions, they can hire the best talent for their organization.”

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Lean Effective Talent Strategies

Acquire the capabilities to create the best hiring strategies, processes and experiences with Lean Effective Talent Strategies. We use the design thinking methodology to ensure our clients create hiring solutions that are focus on people and business.

Hiring Blueprint

Our hiring blueprint aids in the growth of every small and mid-size enterprises with a sustainable and advanced recruiting and hiring methods. Using it in your approach will get you the best talent for your company.

Talent Acquisition Evolution

The practice of talent acquisition has witnessed a massive evolution in recent times. We strive to offer training and development opportunities with the most up to date and relevant hiring practices and approaches.

Hire By Design Book

Hire By Design provides an overview of design thinking and how to use this methodology to create innovative solutions in hiring.

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Providing Best

Jodi Brandstetter - Speaker
Jodi Brandstetter - Speaker

Jodi describes herself as a Recruiter Matchmaker. With 20 years of experience in talent acquisition, she is on a mission to share her knowledge and insights with the world. With her hands on and creative presentation skills, Jodi enthralls audiences with expertise. She has experience with building recruiting teams to utilizing design thinking to create innovate hiring solutions.


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