Hire By Design is the playbook for strategic and intentional human-focused talent acquisition that meets business needs in today's world.

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Hire By Design Book

Hire By Design, A Hiring Blueprint with Design Thinking will provide you with knowledge about creating a strong hiring strategy, selection process and people experience with utilizing design thinking methodology.

Design thinking focuses on creating solutions that are both human and business focused. Business leaders must have a workforce plan that incorporates the business objectives and goals plus attracts talent who can help achieve these objectives and goals. By incorporating the design thinking methodology, companies will have a balance approach for hiring.

Jodi Brandstetter has written this one-of-a-kind book that offers the framework for successful hiring for any organization.

  • Introduce design thinking to the hiring process with stories and case studies
  • Provides different ways to incorporate design thinking in talent acquisition plus templates to get you started

How does it work for you?

Hire By Design is an innovative composition of ideas which transform the world of talent acquisition. Read it, learn it, and implement it to gather the best talent pool.

  • Learn about design thinking
  • Incorporate design thinking in talent acquisition
  • Quality and substantial information
  • Advanced recruitment methods
    • Jodi Brandsetter - Author

      Jodi Brandstetter believes in taking talent acquisition to a new level. With 20 years of experience in HR and Recruiting and cerfitied in design thinking, Jodi's expertise in recruiting and retaining top talent is a game changer for small and midsize companies in science, manufacturing, engineering and tech..

      Her bestselling book, Hire By Design, is THE playbook for strategic and intentional human-focused talent acquisition that meets business needs in today's world.

      Jodi provides talent acquisition strategies that are human-focused and meets business needs for small and midsize companies in science, manufacturing, engineering and tech so they can hire and retain top talent for today and for the future.


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Effective Recruiting and Talent Acquisition professionals are a critical component of any company's success because understanding how to attract and recruit the talent that is needed will determine whether they will be successful with executing the organization's strategic objectives. Unfortunately, there are few books that provide helpful guidance to recruiting and TA pros in understanding the foundations and strategies necessary to do their jobs well. This book is a great resource for anyone looking to grow in their skills, which will ultimately help their organizations to grow as well.

- Jennifer McClure - CEO of Unbridled Talent LLC and Chief Excitement Officer of DisruptHR LLC

Finally - a real playbook for the TA space! Jodi breaks recruiting strategy down for hiring teams of all sizes in a practical way. She expertly scrapes away the philosophical "fluff" and provides tactical advice that you can implement immediately. With loads of case studies and tangible examples, she walks you through the "why" behind each approach. Hire by Design will literally coach you through nearly any recruiting scenario and arm you with the knowledge you need to forge a strategic path forward to hit your hiring goals.

- Kelley J. Cox, Talent Acquisition Leader, Amazon

We keep thinking ‘Talent’ is a mix of skills and attributes only. Jodi shows us that ‘Talent’ is so much more. By implementing a design thinking approach, we identify and bring a human-centric lens to having great humans join our organizations. This book gives you a tangible roadmap to be intentional and effective in doing this well.

- Steve Browne, SHRM-SCP, VP of Human Resources, LaRosa’s, Inc. and Author of HR on Purpose!! and HR Rising!!

This will become your playbook for talent acquisition! Hire by Design isn't a book you will read once and put on a shelf. It's a book you will pick up again and again. It is filled with practical strategies that are easily understood and will become the playbook for your talent acquisition strategy. Using real life examples, Brandstetter weaves a story applicable to every company no matter size, industry, or structure.

- Nick Dokich, CEO, ULIMI

Hire by Design is the perfect engine for driving Talent Acquisition to a new level. Our times demand change and we are fortunate to have the tools available through Hire by Design to craft a new path forward.

- Gerry Crispin, Principal & Co-founder, CareerXroads

I’ve been a fan of the use of Design Thinking in Recruiting for years and Jodi has written the perfect guide for how TA and HR leaders can easily bring this strategy into their own organizations. Turns out, design or lack thereof, is a major factor in why candidates either choose you or don’t choose you!

- Tim Sackett, Author of The Talent Fix and CEO of HRUTech.com

Straightforward and accessible, this book provides actionable recommendations companies can action now to improve their hiring processes by making it more human-focused.

- Frida Polli PhD, CEO and co-founder, pymetrics.


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