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    “Talent acquisition evolves through continuing learning and exploring new solutions.”

    Effective talent acquisition starts with a human approach to hiring.

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“LETS focuses on providing innovative solutions to ensure companies have the best hiring strategies, selection processes, people experiences and recruiting tools. In order for a company to thrive, they must have a hiring strategy that includes a strong recruiting team. To do this, we have been building a community for talent acquisition and recruiting professionals where they can obtain future focus training and development. Innovative hiring solutions and future focus training will equip companies with the strategies needed to be employers of choice.”

Integrating expertise

We help you gain expertise through our innovative and new-age talent acquisition strategies.

One-of-a-kind services

Delivering varied services such as “Hiring Blueprint” and “Talent Acquisition Evolution.”

Empowering the ecosystem

LETS provides assistance to build strategic and human relationship in recruitment.

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Lean Effective Talent Strategies

Get introduced to a new, innovative and plausible talent acquisition skill! Lean Effective Talent Strategies will help you focus your energies to find the finest talent using simple and clear structures, imagination, balance, inspiration, and trust.

Hiring Blueprint

Our hiring blueprint aids in the growth of every small and mid-size enterprises with a sustainable and advanced recruiting and hiring methods. Using it in your approach will get you the best talent for your company.

Talent Acquisition Evolution

The practice of Talent Acquisition has witnessed a massive evolution in recent times. We strive to offer the most up to date and relevant hiring practices, policies, regulations, and approaches.

Hire By Design Book

A Hiring Blueprint will fill you with intricate knowledge about the hiring and recruitment process in our modern times. This will help you establish a strong base in recruitment with the best practices.

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Jodi Brandstetter - Speaker
Jodi Brandstetter - Speaker

Jodi Brandstetter describes herself as the Recruiter Matchmaker. With over 15 years of experience in talent acquisition, Jodi now is on a mission to share her knowledge with the world. A prolific speaker, she enthralls a large audience with her tremendous expertise. She has created several talent acquisition teams from the ground up throughout the country.


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Jodi Brandstetter - The Mind Behind The Design Thinking Approach and Hiring

Jodi Brandstetter, our founder and chief talent strategist realized that design thinking is a powerful methodology for talent acquisition after she discovered it. She conducts several sessions to help her clients comprehend the process and to utilize it accurately.

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